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IJZIP is peer-reviewed and scientific journal which is published twice in a year, on March and September.

IJZIP is a type of scientific journal (e-journal) in zakat and Islamic philanthropy studies. By involving a large research community in an innovative public peer-review process, IJZIP aims to provide fast access to high-quality papers and continual platform for sharing studies of academicians, researchers, and practitioners; disseminate knowledge and research in zakat studies and Islamic philanthropy; bridge the gap between theory and practice in the zakat and Islamic philanthropy issues. The scope of the journal is broad and it includes but not limited to the following topics:


– Zakat Management
– Zakat and SDGs
– Zakat and Accounting
– Zakat Collection
– Zakat Distribution
– Any relating issue of zakat.

– Waqf
– Sadaqah
– Any relating issue of Islamic Philantrophy

– Malay
– English
– Arabic